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Dominion Packaging takes Flexo Printing to New Speeds
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Charlotte, NC USA - With a culture of innovation, Dominion Packaging of Richmond, VA selected the latest technology in flexo printing to produce premium folding carton packaging for the tobacco, food and beverage markets when deciding its print direction.

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Multi-function Printer Security Market to Grow at CAGR of 9.37 %: Global Market Opportunities, Threats Faced by the ...
satPRnews (press release)
Multi-function Printer Security market report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to a SWOT analysis of the key vendors. The report provides actionable intelligence on major factors influencing the Multi-function Printer ...

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Techkon USA Incorporates ISO's New Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) On SpectroDens
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This method for the calculation of spot color tone values produces approximate uniform visual spacing of tones between substrate and solid ink values. This new industry standard, ISO 20654:2017, has been designed ... With a track record of 30 + years ...

Idealliance's XCMYK Specification Improves Expanded Gamut Printing
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Idealliance's XCMYK Specification Improves Expanded Gamut Printing ... I think every offset printer should at least look into it, try it. It works on existing equipment, with current consumables. So changes in the printing process are rather limited ...

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Taking the Mystery Out of Expanded Gamut Printing
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iDealliance is pursuing two routes to expanded gamut printing; using standard 4/C inks and running at higher than standard solid ink densities - that's the XCMYK covered in the video - and adding additional inks with standard CMYK inks to expand the gamut.

Advertising Specialty Institute (press release)

Get the scoop on printing with plastisol inks
Advertising Specialty Institute (press release)
It's often referred to as a 100% solid ink system. It's also thermoplastic, meaning printers must apply heat for the molecules of PVC resin and plasticizer to cross-link and solidify, or cure, according to a fact sheet written by Mike Ukena of the ...

Kodak Photo Printer Dock Review
Dedicated photo printers like the $149.90-MSRP Kodak Photo Printer Dock we're reviewing here today fill a niche, and imaging giant Kodak has played a prominent role in the snapshot-printer market. These relatively small machines that do nothing except ...

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